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Centered Chiropractic provides expert chiropractic care for hopeful humans who are ready to change the course of their health, so they can experience joy and ease in their body for years to come.

Life is too damn short to settle for pain, quick-fix solutions, or invalidated experiences.

The human body is one of the most incredible things to exist in this world. But just as incredible as the body can be, it can also be a major pain point for some people in their lives—both literally and figuratively.

It’s frustrating and even disheartening when the thing that’s supposed to support you and carry you through your days betrays your trust and does exactly the opposite.

Whether you’ve experienced physical, mental, and emotional trauma from an accident or you’re completely unsure of the source of your pain—

—you shouldn’t have to feel like your only options are turning to medication, spending tens of thousands of dollars on different specialists, or grimacing through the discomfort for the rest of your life.

For those who are ready to no longer feel limitations in your body, experience daily pain, or have another door slammed in your face by a provider—

The team at Centered Chiropractic is here to step in.

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Built on the Four Pillars of Health

The four pillars of health - movement, mindset, nourishment, and recovery - are the elements needed to create + enjoy a healthy life. We incorporate each of these components within our office in an effort to fill in the gaps we often find and help you heal to your highest potential.

At Centered Chiropractic, it’s about so much more than the adjustment—and it’s bigger than chiropractic care, too. We see community and well-rounded care as an essential part of your health, so we’ve worked hard to intentionally build a wellness ecosystem of trusted professionals to support you and truly be co-managers in your wellness and healing journey.

Movement | Centered Chiropractic


An object in motion stays in motion. Daily movement is key to physical, mental, & emotional vitality.

Mindset | Centered Chiropractic


What you think about, you bring about. Working on your mindset, mental & emotional health is just as important as the physical aspects.

Nourishment | Centered Chiropractic


They weren't kidding when they said, "you are what you eat." You can't out-sleep or out-exercise a poor diet.

Recuperation | Centered Chiropractic


Chiropractic care is one of the most restorative ways to recover your body, mind, & soul. It's really a one-stop-shop for becoming your best self!

Proudly providing life-changing care in Clayton, NC & beyond

Say ‘hello’ to your health squad!

Dr. Jordan Bonham, Dr. Sam Buckley, and the entire team at Centered Chiropractic are proud to support the awesome people of Clayton, NC and the surrounding areas in helping them live their fullest potential and getting back to doing the things they love with more comfort and ease.

If you can’t trust your body right now, we want you to at least be able to trust the people that can help you heal it. We aim to be a safe space for all of our patients to feel truly seen, heard, and cared for as soon as they walk in the door.

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What patients like you have to say

I have had the most amazing experience every time that I have come here since the first day that I started. The staff is incredibly friendly and personable, they always have genuine smiles and caring attitudes throughout the entire visit. Dr. Bonham has been an incredible help already. In the first two visits he was able to not only figure out what was going on with my back and neck but also what had been causing me several health complications since I was a child and put me on the path to living a much more fulfilled lifestyle. He is extremely knowledgeable in more than just chiropractic care and wants to help as long as you’re wanting to help yourself. I am so grateful to have found their practice.

Maggie P

I had never been to a chiropractor before and Centered Chiropractic was very informative and kind during my first time. Today was my 5th visit and I'm feeling better everyday. Dr. Sam Buckley changed my life! I've already told everyone I know. Highly recommend! 10/10.

Jennifer T.

The staff are all very welcoming! The nurses go out of their to make sure you're comfortable and do everything they can to make sure you remain comfortable prior to seeing the doctors. This is the first chiropractor I've had that gets to know me as a person without rushing me in and out the door. Would recommend them to anyone! Dr. Buckley not only helped me with my back, neck and shoulder issues, he's helped to guide me to my overall health journey. Amazing people all around!

Melda B.

I was referred to Centered Chiropractic by my daughter as I was having neck and back pain due to bad ergonomics from working from home. I also had a foot issue in which I had been going to a foot doctor for years but the pain hadn’t gone away. My daughter said Dr. Bonham could fix all my issues. I didn’t believe her about my foot, but I still had to go for my neck and back issues. Dr. Bonham adjusted my back, neck and foot. My back and neck are getting better with every visit. To my surprise, my foot pain is completely gone. He said we have some work to do to strengthen my foot, but I can exercise without pain! I cannot say enough about Centered Chiropratic, and specifically Dr Bonham! Great experience, very professional and they really want to fix the issues!

Josette R.

I *truly* can’t say enough good things about this office. Dr. Bonham and his staff are the epitome of what I dream healthcare experiences could be. I started out setting my appointment to investigate a lifelong struggle with headaches and I’ve gained so much education on my body and how it works and how I can take better care of myself! Such a rewarding experience to feel better! I’ve referred my spouse and my mother while ALSO trusting this team with my toddler! If you’re on the fence - take the leap, you won’t regret it!

Jessica H.

I have been to several chiropractors over the last 40 years and I can honestly say that Dr. Bonham and his team are by far the best. Their knowledge of current treatment modalities is outstanding. Their thorough evaluation of your history and your goals is paramount in developing a treatment plan. The entire staff- from reception to billing to the therapy technicians are ALL amazing.

Carol S.

You know when you've been looking for "the perfect doctor" for years and then find him/her? That's what it was like when I met Dr. Bonham!!! He treats the whole patient and thinks about the root cause of discomfort instead of just trying to make the symptoms better with one adjustment. If you are looking for a chiropractors who truly care about their patients then this the place. The staff are always smiling and welcoming and I look forward to my appointments at Centered. FIVE STARTS all the Way!

Claire R.

I have been a patient at Elite Chiropractic for 10+ years, so naturally when my husband and I felt my newborn daughter would benefit from chiropractic care, we put our trust in Dr. Bonham. Some people may be nervous about getting their infant or even their child a chiropractic adjustment; however, it is incredibly gentle. I was so surprised when my 7 week old slept through almost an entire adjustment (and she’s not a great sleeper)! We noticed amazing improvement in our daughter almost immediately. Our baby was resisting turning her head to the left, which was affecting nursing. She was also spitting up after almost every feeding. Since she started getting adjustments with Dr. Bonham, she turns her head equally in both directions, nurses well on both sides, and has had significant improvement in the frequency of spit up. I am so grateful for Dr. Bonham and his wonderful, caring staff.

Cara T.

You deserve to feel better in your body, fully present in your life, & aligned in your power.

We promise to be 100% all in as a part of your healing journey, and ask that you give it your all, too. With some grace and love along the way we’re all able to heal.

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