You Are What You Eat

Most of us have been the recipient of some less-than-ideal craftsmanship at one point or another. Whether it was a cheap Amazon buy, or the house with the price that was "too good to be true", we've all experienced the results when something is not made with quality materials or quality craftsmanship.  Well, our bodies are very much the same. While our Innate Intelligence (the inherent intelligence within all of us that governs all the unconscious processes that keep us alive) will always build and repair with the best craftsmanship, the materials we give that intelligence are not always up to par.

"You are what you eat". No, literally, you are. Every fiber of muscle, speck of bone, neuron, hair, fingernail, enzyme and molecule that makes up the beautiful and incredible human that you are comes from the stuff you put in your mouth. As we move through life, energy needs to be made, repairs done, detoxification and cleanouts happen, and life rolls on without much notice. Where do you think all the STUFF for that to happen comes from?

It is currently well known that most people in the world are deficient in Magnesium, most people not living near the equator are deficient in Vitamin D, and most people who are not growing their own food are deficient in amino acids (the building blocks of proteins, DNA, RNA, muscle tissues, and collagen). With that, we see the need for quality, nutritious food in our everyday life simply to sustain this incredibly complex machine that we cruise around in.


My recommendation, and the recommendation of many others, is to follow a paleo-style diet. At this point, there are more resources on the paleo diet out there than can be counted; however, I have a few that can be used as shortcuts to get you started:

Book: Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman


If you’re interested in even more resources, let us know next time you’re in the office. We have information handy for our patients to streamline the research and get you the info you need in a quick and digestible (pun not intended!) way.  

While eating well won't solve all of life's problems, it will, at the very least, give your body the tools it needs to bring the best you to the table to tackle those problems.